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Privacy Policy is an online store that produces and provides wooden puzzles under the brand name "Piecezz". 

   - Security of personal data
Geek toys SRL collects, processes and uses personal data of customers. This data will be collected on the basis of customer consent and will be based on legal requirements to provide the services requested. Geek toys SRL processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of the law and in accordance with the Privacy Policy. This data related to the payment transaction includes, but is not limited to:
   - Customer's IP address;
   - The customer's name;
   - Customer's last name;
   - Customer's telephone number;
   - Card type;
   - Customer's name on the card;
   - Client's email address;
   - Transaction currency;
   - Shipping information;

    - Customer Service. offers its customers customer service at 115 Metropolitan Dosoftei.  Support service working days Monday-Friday, opening hours 10:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m.
The support service provides customers with advice on products and services offered by the online store, payment methods, delivery and withdrawal of the payment transaction/transaction. Support Service is obliged to accept complaints from Buyers, inform them about the status of the complaint investigation process and, if necessary, investigate complaints.

   - How does the purchase take place? Purchasing Technology.
On the page of the desired item, select the quantity and type of item. Click on the "ADD TO CARSIN" button below the product images. The product is now available in your "SHOP CART". It is available in the right hand corner of the page. Hover your mouse over the link or click to open the "SHOP CART". Edit or continue ordering items by clicking on the "ORDER" button.
Enter your contact information for the merchandise:
   - Buyer's email address;
   - Buyer's phone number;
   - If the Sale includes delivery, the information needed to ensure successful delivery:
   - Delivery Address;
   - Consignee's name, surname, phone number, if different from the Buyer.
After that, you need to select the method of payment.
Click on the "CONTINUE" button to continue on the secure payment platform.

   - How does the payment process take place? 
Technology of payment operation
Before proceeding to the completion of the Payment Transaction, the Buyer is provided with all the basic parameters and terms of the Sale aimed at payment:
   - a unique order identifier;
   - price and quantity of each product/service in the Transaction;
   - if the Transaction provides for delivery:
   - terms of delivery 
           - full or sole reference to the Commercial Conditions, and if the Commercial Conditions provide for other terms of delivery, the delivery term applicable to this Transaction shall also be explicitly indicated; 
   - delivery time in Chisinau 1-2 working days. In Moldova 3-6 working days. Worldwide 15-30 working days. 
   - the delivery fee, if applicable;
   - other payments, if applicable in this Transaction;
   - the total amount of the order equal to the amount of the Payment Transaction to be initiated by the Seller for payment of this Sale;
   - any other special conditions applicable to this Transaction.

Prior to initiating a Payment Transaction, Buyer shall express its consent to the Terms of Business by checking the "I have read and agree to the Terms of Business" box. 
Payment can be made using payment instruments offered by SRL "Paynet Service". Items ordered must be paid for in full, otherwise delivery will not be made. 
The website is secure, does not store your personal information account data or card data used when making an online transaction.

Piecezz uses the courier service Nova Posta or Moldovan Post

Delivery in Chisinau

The delivery is free of charge if the sum of the purchase exceeds 400 MDL. In other cases, the delivery cost is 50 MDL.

Delivery time is 1-3 working days.

Delivery in Moldova

Delivery is free of charge, if the sum of order exceeds 400 MDL. If the order amount doesn't exceed 400 MDL, delivery cost is 50 MDL.

Delivery time to the regional centers of the republic is up to 3-6 working days.


If an item is lost on delivery or delivery is not possible / has not been made within thirty (30) days from the date of confirmation of the relevant Payment Transaction, Piecezz shall initiate a Revocation of the relevant Payment Transaction / Transaction, unless express written consent of the Buyer to extend the delivery period has been obtained.

The online store or the Buyer shall have the possibility to initiate both full and partial cancellation of the Payment Transaction / Transaction, depending on the nature and reason for cancellation.

Other examples of conditions for cancelling a transaction:

- Once the payee has entered payment information, confirmed and authorized the payment, it will not be possible to make changes, revoke the payment and refund the funds associated with that payment.

- The commercial relationship between the beneficiary and is officially regulated by the consumer protection authorities in the conclusion and execution of distance contracts. The buyer has the right to notify the seller in writing that he withdraws from the purchase, without penalty and without giving reasons, within 14 days of receipt of the goods or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract.

Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is very important to us. respects and protects its customers. How we use information provided by customers is described below. If changes are made to the privacy policy, they will be posted on this page. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time.

Closing and Judicial Provisions

Any dispute arising from the use of this service will be resolved amicably. Any disputes arising during the purchase, payment or delivery of products purchased from that are not covered by any clause herein will be amicably resolved within 30 business days of written notice of the problem.

If the dispute cannot be settled amicably, the courts of the Republic of Moldova have jurisdiction. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the client assumes all risk.

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