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An elephant is an amazing animal symbolizing strength, wisdom, dignity, invincibility, loyalty and patience. You might need some of these traits to complete our wooden puzzle. There is one thing you will need for sure, though: your willingness to enjoy the process. A 250-piece puzzle with a warm of woody scent and an original scene is waiting for you. As you complete the puzzle, remember to stop for a moment and look at each individual piece, and let this moment be especially fun and cozy.


SKU: 0920
  • -250 colorful details of sinuous forms

    -A Design Card with picture of Elephant 

    -A Frame for puzzles assembling that can be used as a decorative frame (You can put the frame with the puzzle on the table or hang on the wall)

    -A magnet of Elephant 
    Completed puzzle size - 280 * 355 mm
    Level: Hard

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