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An aesthetically appealing unique shape in each piece, an original design, a warm woody scent, tactile experiences, an exciting yet relaxing process, and a satisfying result. That's what's inside the package. A fascinating journey awaits you, one that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The 250 pieces, which will make you want to gaze at them endlessly, add up to a single picture. Such a wooden puzzle is fun for both kids and adults.


SKU: 0876

  • - 250 colorful details of sinuous forms
    - A Design Card with a art picture
    - A Frame for puzzles assembling that can be used as a decorative frame (You can put the frame with the puzzle on the table or hang on the wall)
    - A magnet of Horse
    Completed puzzle size - 280 * 355 mm
    Level: Hard

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